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Administration and Finance

Yuba-Sutter Transit is governed by a Board of Directors that is composed of two elected representatives from each of the four member jurisdictions.  The Authority operates with a five-person staff consisting of a Transit Manager; two Program Managers (Finance & Administration and Planning & Marketing); a Program Analyst; and an Administrative Assistant.  Since 1988, Yuba-Sutter Transit’s staff has also served as contract administrative staff to the Regional Waste Management Authority concurrent with their transit duties. Through this shared staffing relationship, both agencies realize reduced administrative overhead expenses.

Yuba-Sutter Transit’s operating expenses for FY 2018 are budgeted at $7,181,300.  The budgeted funding mix is about 32 percent Federal (Federal Transit Administration); 48 percent State and local (Transportation Development Act); 18 percent passenger fares; and, 2 percent miscellaneous income from advertising, interest and contract service payments.  The capital budget, which varies substantially from year to year, is almost $6.8 million for FY 2018 with most of this earmarked for a major vehicle replacement project.  Capital funding is derived from a mix of Federal, State and local sources depending on the project.