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(For an ADA Eligibility Application or information, scroll further down on this page or click here for English, aqui para español.)

Please note: You must call (530) 742-2877 to schedule or cancel any Dial-A-Ride appointments. 

Dial-A-Ride offers curb-to-curb shared ride service to eligible passengers anywhere within the area shown in olive green on the system map (link provided below). This service is available from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on weekdays and from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Saturdays. No service is provided on Sundays or holidays.

Dial-A-Ride Brochure - Effective 10/1/2021Informacion sobre Dial-A-Ride en Espanol en la Ride GuideDial-A-Ride Brochure - Punjabi

General Eligibility 

Dial-A-Ride service is designed to meet the needs of seniors (age 65+) and persons with qualifying disabilities, especially those who are unable to use the Yuba-Sutter Transit fixed-route system. Call (530) 742-2877 for more information on establishing eligibility or to request a Senior/Disabled Certification Application.

 Formulario de Certificación de Personas Discapacitados (Español)Connect Card Discount Application FormApplicacion de Tarjeta de Descuento en Espanol



Senior (age 65+), Disabled & ADA Eligible Fare (w photo I.D. Card)
$3.00 ($2.00 After 6 p.m.)

Companion Fare (with eligible adult)
$3.00 ($2.00 After 6 p.m.)

Youth Fare (Ages 5 - 18)
$2.00 (After 6:00 p.m.)

Children (Age 4 and under)

Basic One-Way Fare (After 6 p.m.)

Weekday Evening Eligibility/Fares

Dial-A-Ride is available to the general public after 6:00 p.m each weekday without eligibility restrictions. The weekday evening service is $4.00 one-way for general public passengers or $2.00 one-way for eligible seniors, youth, persons with disabilities and companions. All other Dial-A-Ride service and reservation requirements still apply during the evening hours.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Paratransit Service

Dial-A-Ride is Yuba-Sutter Transit's complimentary paratransit service under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Passengers with disabilities that prevent them from using Yuba-Sutter Transit's urban fixed route bus system may apply for ADA status to receive priority service on Dial-A-Ride.

To establish ADA eligibility, passengers must complete and submit an ADA Paratransit Eligibility Application. This application will be reviewed by Yuba-Sutter Transit staff to determine ADA paratransit eligibility. If eligible, applicants must obtain a Yuba-Sutter Transit photo identification card with an ADA eligible endorsement. Yuba-Sutter Transit will honor ADA cards from another transit agency for up to 21 days. Download the following for more information on the eligibility process:

Understanding ADA EligibilityADA Paratransit Eligibility Application Entendiendo la Elegibilidad de ADASolicitud de Elegibilidad de Paratransporte ADA

For more information on ADA paratransit eligibility or to request an ADA Paratransit Eligibility Application packet by mail, call 634-6880.

How Does Dial-A-Ride Work?

When you call for service, you are given a 15 minute period as an approximate pick up time. Please be ready for the bus at the start of this 15 minute period as the bus will stand by for only one minute. While we make every effort to deliver you to your destination quickly, you may share the bus with other riders who are going in the same general direction.

How Do I Request Service?

It's easy! Just call (530) 742-2877 up to two weeks in advance and tell us:

  • Your name
  • What day you want to travel
  • Where you want to be picked up
  • Where you want to go
  • When you want to arrive
  • The number of people in your party
  • If a wheelchair lift is needed

When we confirm your service, we will give you a 15 minute period as an approximate pick up time.

Rider Tips

  • Remember to schedule your return trip when you call for service, if possible, and call us if you must cancel your reservation.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to call for a reservation. You can call up to two weeks in advance, so call as soon as you know that you will be needing a ride.
  • For best service availability, try to schedule your appointments away from the busy early morning and noon/early afternoon periods.
  • If you have a regular appointment, request a standing reservation that will continue until you adjust or cancel it.

Service Area 

Dial-A-Ride offers curb-to-curb, shared ride service within the service area shown in light green on the system map. We will pick you up at your address and take you anywhere within the service area. For ADA eligible passengers, the service area boundary extends to 3/4 mile beyond any urban fixed route regardless of the general Dial-A-Ride service area shown on the system map. 


Advance reservations are required for Dial-A-Ride service. Reservations can be made up to two weeks in advance by calling (530) 742-2877.