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Transit in Motion

At Yuba-Sutter Transit, we are always on the lookout for interesting pieces on current news and trends in public transportation. These can help you make more informed decisions and give you a glimpse into how participating in public transit can positively impact both your daily routine and your community. We hope you find these videos both informative and entertaining!


Yuba-Sutter Transit joins the Sustainable Transit for a Healthy Planet Challenge

On June 15th, 2021, FTA launched the Sustainable Transit for a Healthy Planet Challenge to encourage transit agencies to build on progress already made and to further reduce GHG emissions from public transportation to support President Biden's GHG reduction goal. Transit agencies are increasingly taking actions to reduce their own carbon emissions to further the GHG emission reduction benefits associated with public transportation. 

Yuba-Sutter Transit has joined the challenge by developing a climate action plan and by adopting a Board Resolution committing to the 100% conversion to zero-emission buses by 2035 well in advance of the statewide goal of 2040.


Live Segment on Good Day Sacramento - 3/23/2021

Transit Manager Keith Martin talks about our new program offering free fare on all services to those with COVID-19 vaccination appointments. Take a look...

Hear the PSA that aired earlier this year on KUBA. We are proud of our frontline workers at Yuba Sutter Transit! 

Enjoy this short video that was produced for the statewide CTA Transit Professional of the Year award for 2020.  Can you spot the Yuba Sutter Transit team members that make an appearance? 

Here's some current news of our own - a new transit facility is in the works! This video highlights site selection, which is one of the first phases of this journey.

Frontline Transit Workers: Keeping the Lines Open - May 1, 2020

Sutter County Community Resource Fair -August 17, 2019


iTransit - Spring 2019

 Introduction to the Connect Card Program - 2017

Bus Refueling Time Lapse - February 2015

Thank you to the Appeal-Democrat for sharing this with us!