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Discount Fare Eligibility and Connect Card Photo IDs

Who qualifies for a discount fare?

  • Youth (age 5-18)
  • Seniors (age 65 and over)
  • Persons with Disabilities

What do I need to show upon boarding the bus?

All passengers requesting a discount fare must present a valid discount Connect Card photo ID and/or proof of eligibility along with the correct fare upon boarding. The following are accepted as proof of eligibility:

  • A current Connect Card Discount Photo ID issued by Yuba-Sutter Transit or another transit agency;
  • A driver’s license or State issued photo ID (for proof of age only); or,
  • A Medicare card presented along with a valid, State issued photo ID (for identity verification).

How do I qualify for a discount Connect Card photo ID?

Age: Youth ages 5 through 18 are eligible for a discounted fare.  To receive a discount by virtue of age, the person requesting the card must be present and show verification of birthdate. Those 18 and under may also bring a parent or legal guardian that can verify their birthdate. 

Disability: Persons with disabilities can receive a Discount Connect Card ID by presenting one of the following along with a photo ID:

  • A current eligibility card issued by another transit agency;
  • A federally issued, original Medicare card;
  • An original DMV printout of a disabled placard registration (Do not bring the actual placard.); or
  • A recent Social Security disability benefits award letter.

What if I do not have any of the documents verifying my disability?

If you do not have any of the documents listed above, but feel that you qualify for a discount fare due to a disability, print and fill out the Disabled Certification Form below and have it signed by a licensed physician or authorized representative. Once eligibility has been established, a discount Connect Card ID will be issued. 

Disabled Certification Form with Instructions Formulario de Certificación de Personas Discapacitados (Español)

 What if I need a personal care attendant or companion to help me ride public transit?   

Attendants of persons with disabilities may ride free only if the discount photo ID of the person being attended has an attendant designation imprinted on it.  The Senior/Disabled Certification Form has a section on the second page that must be completed by a licensed physician to receive the attendant designation.

You may arrange to bring one companion along on each ride, in addition to a personal care attendant. Additional companions may be scheduled if space is available.  Companions must be picked up and dropped off at the same addresses.  Companions pay the same fare as the ADA-eligible passenger.  Reserve space for your companion (including children) when scheduling a trip. 

How can I get a Discount Connect Card Photo ID?

Discount Connect Card photo IDs are only available in-person at the Yuba-Sutter Transit Office. Come by with the Discount Connect Card Registration Form completed or fill it out when you arrive. You can download/print the form via the link below. Our office is located at 2100 B Street in Marysville and we are open from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. each weekday, excluding major holidays. Please allow at least 30 minutes before the office closes to process new Connect Cards. 

Discount Connect Card Registration FormApplicación de Tarjeta de Descuento (Español)

For more information or to request a Yuba-Sutter Transit Disabled Certification form by mail, call (530) 634-6880,

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Services

Please click here for more detailed information and applications for our ADA services.