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Downtown Sacramento Demonstrations Planned Starting June 5, 2020

Downtown Sacraemnto Demonstration Service Alert 6-5-2020

June 5, 2020, Marysville, CA – Demonstrations and related street closures in and around downtown Sacramento are planned for the afternoon commute period today and throughout the weekend.  As a result, heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic are expected near the Capitol, but other locations may also be impacted.  Yuba-Sutter Transit is in contact with public safety officials from the Sacramento Regional Transit District to monitor these events during our afternoon commute.


Due to the uncertain nature and magnitude of such events, it is difficult to anticipate in advance what changes, if any, will be necessary.  While we are planning to operate all our afternoon Sacramento schedules and serve all our downtown stops, passengers should anticipate schedule delays and some stops may be inaccessible at times particularly on J and 15th Streets.  For this reason, passengers should pay close attention to the situation and move to another stop if it is obvious that service to your preferred stop will not be possible. 


Ultimately, if J and/or 15th Streets are rendered unusable, passengers should use one of our P Street bus stops at 13th, 9th or 5th Streets as they are expected to be outside of the impacted areas.  Under such conditions, we advise passengers to catch the first Yuba-Sutter Transit bus that comes by regardless of schedule or destination.  Just let your driver know which of our stops you want, and we will make sure that you eventually arrive there.


This notice is being sent to those who have registered to receive our Sacramento Service Alerts.  Additional notices will be sent as necessary to the same list so encourage your contacts who did not receive this notice directly to immediately register at the following link:


For up to date service information, please contact our dispatch office at (530) 742-2877.