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Memorandum Re: COVID-19 Response Update (4/24/2020) 


TO:                   All Yuba-Sutter Transit Passengers

From:                Keith Martin, Transit Manager

RE:                  COVID-19 Response Update – Temporary Service Reductions Effective May 1st

Date:                April 24, 2020


Yuba-Sutter Transit, along with our service contractor, Storer Transit Systems, remains committed to protecting the health and safety of both our passengers and personnel. In response to significant reductions in ridership and to minimize the exposure of our operating staff, the following temporary service reductions will become effective on Friday, May 1, 2020.


·         Weekday Route 2 Service to be Reduced to a Saturday Plus Schedule. Effective May 1st, Route 2 will be temporarily reduced from half-hour to hourly service frequencies in both directions (Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise). While this reduced frequency is the same as what is now offered by Route 2 on Saturdays, the weekday service will continue to operate a full-service day starting around 6:20 a.m. and ending around 6:20 p.m.  [Link to modified Weekday Route 2 timetable]


·         Sacramento Commuter Service to be Reduced by Three AM and Three PM Schedules. Effective May 1st, the 3rd and 5th Highway 99 schedules in the morning; the 2nd and 5th Highway 99 schedules in the afternoon; and the 3rd morning and 3rd afternoon Highway 70 schedules will all be temporarily suspended. [Link to modified Sacramento service brochure]


Yuba-Sutter Transit continues to be for essential travel and activities only. All passengers must have a destination and passengers will not be allowed to travel more than one direction or one loop without exiting the bus to complete their essential trip purpose. In addition, we strongly recommend that passengers wear cloth face coverings in public settings and practice “Social Distancing” to the extent possible at all times.


Stay tuned for more updates as conditions change! The most efficient way to do that is by signing up for email alerts at  For transit system information, call (530) 634-6880, email us at or visit our web page at For current pandemic information, visit or either or      

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Memo Re: COVID-19 Response Update - 4/27/2020