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Next-Gen Replacement Transit Facility Plans 

**Please note that this press release was sent out to all current list subscribers as of October 12, 2020. The public is still welcome to submit any comments on the project at any time, however, the date for consideration of comments related to the plan's approval has passed.**






Contact:        Keith Martin or Adam Hansen

Phone:          (530) 634-6880

FAX:               (530) 634-6888







October 12, 2020, Marysville, CA – Yuba-Sutter Transit received a planning grant from Caltrans in 2019 to develop the Resilient Next Generation Transit Facility Plan to begin the process of replacing the existing maintenance, operation, and administration facility. A new location is needed because the facility at 2100 B Street in Marysville lacks sufficient capacity to accommodate the infrastructure needed to meet the state requirement that only zero-emission buses be purchased after 2028. In addition, Caltrans’ planned expansion of Highway 70 (B Street) in front of the existing facility may render it useless even earlier.

Yuba-Sutter Transit is working with the international planning and engineering firm WSP USA to develop the plan.  This process began with determining the space needed for the current and future needs of the agency assuming the ultimate transition to a fleet of all zero-emission vehicles. Potential properties were then identified, evaluated, and ranked based on a comprehensive list of factors.

Public input is now being invited on the first two work products that are now posted along with a short project introduction and virtual site tour video at the following link on the Yuba-Sutter Transit website:

WSP will be presenting these work products to the public at the next meeting of the Yuba-Sutter Transit Board of Directors at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 15th. The agenda packet which includes instructions on how to connect to this on-line meeting is now posted at the following link on the Yuba-Sutter Transit website:

Public input can be provided at the meeting or by using the on-line contact form at, by email at, by mail at Yuba-Sutter Transit, 2100 B Street, Marysville, CA 95901, or by fax at (530) 634-6880.  Project comments received by Monday, November 9th will be considered in the final plan.

Working Paper #1 (Site Selection) details how the original 16 candidate sites were reduced to the 10 sites that were analyzed in detail and why the top sites that were featured in the video were selected. Working Paper #2 (Final Design Criteria) contains the space needs assessment and detailed descriptions of each space including several alternative site layouts. The project video describes the overall project while providing a virtual tour of the existing Marysville site along with four of the top ranked sites for the future facility.    

The next steps of this project include the development of more detailed site plans and construction cost estimates for the top three sites. Once the preferred conceptual plans are selected, the last step will be the development of a financial plan to complete the project which will be incorporated into the final project report for presentation to the Board in spring 2021.  The final plan will form the foundation of the effort to secure both the property and the necessary funding to advance the facility project to reality.

For more information, contact Project Manager Adam Hansen at (530) 634-6880 or at

Next Gen Facility Plans - Press Release