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Service Animal Policy & Information

As stated in our Board adopted Passenger Policies and Procedures (October 19, 2017), specifically in Section 15, the following applies to animals/service animals and our bus services:

 Service Animals

15. Animals are prohibited on the bus with two specific exceptions: 

1) It is a guide, service, or signal animal as such terms are defined in California Civil Code §54.1, that has been specially trained to assist persons with disabilities, provided that it can be demonstrated that the animal is vaccinated and licensed pursuant to the provisions of applicable state and local ordinance, and is on a leash or under the effective control of the person transporting it; or:

2) It is in a completely enclosed and secured cage or carrying case small enough to fit on the person’s lap.

Federal Department of Transportation regulations do not recognize companion, therapy or comfort animals as service animals.

The full Passenger Policies & Procedures document can be read here. 

Links to applicable regulations, ordinances and licensing agencies

Department of Transportation - Service Animal Definition  (49 CFR § 37.3 - Definitions.)

CA Civil Code § 54.1 (CIV 54.1. - Part 6.C.i - iii)

State of CA Health & Safety Code 121690  

 City of Marysville - Municipal Code 8.12.090 - Licensing Information

Yuba County - County Code 8.05.100 - Licensing Information

City of Yuba City - City Code 4.12.210  - Licensing Information

Sutter County - County Code  800-110 - Licensing Information