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Yuba-Sutter Transit System Summary of Key Events

July 1, 1975: Effective date of the initial Hub Area Transit Authority joint powers agreement (JPA) and creation of the "Our Car" subsidized taxi service for seniors and the disabled

August 1979: Replacement of "Our Car" with a general public Dial-A-Ride service

September 1982: First urban fixed routes introduced

January 1988: Replacement of fixed route service with a general public "Zonal” Dial-A-Ride system which, when combined with other cuts, resulted in a 37 percent service reduction from FY 1986-87 to FY 1988-89 / Sutter County withdraws from the JPA

July 1990: Sacramento Commuter service begins on Highway 70 with two 15-passenger buses

January 1991: Sutter County rejoins the JPA

January 1993: Hub Area Transit Authority renamed Yuba-Sutter Transit with the reintroduction of urban fixed route service and the restructuring of the Dial-A-Ride service

Aug./Sept. 1994: Expansion of the Sacramento Commuter service into the Highway 99 corridor and the start of a subsidized vanpool program (ended December 2000)

November 1994: Weekday evening subsidized taxi service begins (ended June 1999)

March 1995: New Marysville route; and, local fixed route and commuter buses equipped with bike racks (on all buses by June 1997)

May/June 1996: Occupation of the remodeled former Seven-Up plant in Marysville as the operations, maintenance and administration facility / First summer youth bus pass program.

August 1997: Opening of the Bogue Road Park & Ride Lot south of Yuba City (expanded in March 2012 to nearly double the size)

April 1998: Initiation of Downtown Trolley demonstration service (ended December 1998)

July/August 1998: Bi-directional service on Route 4, Saturday fixed route service and an expanded DialA-Ride boundary / Monthly passes & discount ticket book programs initiated

Aug./Sep. 1999: Initiation of weekday evening general public Dial-A-Ride service and a weekday commuter service to the Lincoln Airport Industrial Park which ended January 2004

April 2001: Initiation of Route 5 in south Yuba City and ½ hour weekday service frequencies on Routes 1 and 3

September 2003: Introduction of a monthly fixed route pass for youth with deep discounts in other pass rates ($30 general / $15 discount); Saturday Route 4B service; North Beale Transit Center; and, bus stop information panels

July 2004: Dial-A-Ride fare increase, Saturday service hours extended and a noon Sacramento schedule is added

September 2005: Initiation of the FRAQMD funded $5 Discount Monthly Youth Pass Program (combined January 2015 with similar discount pass programs for seniors and persons with disabilities at $6 each). 

October 2006: Route 6 (Linda Shuttle) is added to allow Route 1 to be extended to the Yuba City Marketplace and River Valley High School (school segment delayed until October 2007) and ½ hour service frequencies are added to Routes 1 & 3 on Saturdays

December 2008: Opened the McGowan Parkway Park & Ride Lot in Olivehurst with a corresponding restructuring of all Sacramento schedules.Delivery of 12 low-floor local fixed route buses to replace 8 buses to greatly enhance accessibility, speed passenger boarding and allow for the expansion of Route 2

January 2008: Expansion of the Wheatland Route to two days a week with other route, schedule, stop and policy changes to eliminate advance reservation requirement

January 2009: Expansion of Route 2 to half-hour service each weekday; expansion of the Live Oak Route from one to two roundtrips each Monday, Wednesday and Friday; and, Foothill route, schedule, stop and policy changes to eliminate advance reservation requirement

June 2009: Broke one million annual passenger boardings for the first time (FY 2008-09).

October 2009: Opened the Plumas Lake Park & Ride Lot (dropped East Nicolaus stop January 2010)

January 2010: Installation of video surveillance system on all local fixed route buses

April 2010: Delivery of three expansion tour-bus style, 57 passenger, 45’ commuter buses

January 2012: Completion of the remodel and expansion of the existing operations, maintenance and administration facility for the ultimate capacity of approximately 70 buses

September 2012: Delivery of three replacement tour-bus style 57 passenger, 45’ commuter buses.

April 2013: Initiation of the FRAQMD funded $5 Discount Monthly Senior Pass Program (combined January 2015 with similar discount pass programs at $6 each)

January 2014: Initiation of a FRAQMD funded one year demonstration Discount Monthly Disabled Pass Program (combined January 2015 with similar discount pass programs at $6 each). / Delivery of 11 heavy duty low floor replacement & expansion fixed route buses for an all low floor fixed route fleet

February 2014: Delivery of six Dial-A-Ride replacement & expansion buses

May 2015: Adoption of the 2015 Yuba-Sutter Short Range Transit Plan

July 2015: Expansion of the Live Oak Route from three to five days a week with service to the Yuba College’s Sutter County Center

September 2015: Local fixed route changes to move Route 1 from the Mall and realign Route 4A with Route 4B and other related and miscellaneous changes

October 2015: Convert supplemental to 7th PM 99 schedule & make other minor Sacramento stop & schedule changes

December 2015: Expanded the Wheatland Route to one round trip five days a week 

Spring 2017: Introduction of the regional Connect Card and related fare policy changes