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Annual Reports

Annual Board Reports

Click on the following links to view the Yuba-Sutter Transit Authority Annual Report presented yearly to the Board of Directors . The reports includesorganizational history, a summary of services provided, a brief overview of administration and finance, and information about our ongoing and future projects.

2017 Annual Board Report.pdf

Annual Performance Reports

Click on the following link to view the systemwide performance report for the services operated by Yuba-Sutter Transit in Fiscal Year 2015/16 (July 2015 through June 2016) presented in comparison with the previous fiscal year.  This report is compiled internally and presented for Board review. All financial calculations are estimates pending final fiscal audits. 

FY 2016-17 Annual Performance ReportFY 2015-16 Annual Performance report


Triennial Performance Audits

Click on the following link to view the state-mandated Yuba Sutter Transit Authority Triennial Performance Audit for the three year period ending June 30, 2015.  Performance audits are required by the State Transportation Development Act (TDA) to ensure that all applicable program requirements are being met; to evaluate program performance in key areas; and, to make specific recommendations for future program improvements.  The audit was prepared under the direction of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) by the Majic Consulting Group from Santa Clarita, California.

Yuba-Sutter TPA Report FINAL 8-16-16.pdf